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  • I just received my scale and the first weight reading was really wrong. Did I just received a defective scale?

    The scale that you received is not defective. The scale may need to be initialized. This process is necessary because the scale was moved during the shipping process. Initializing the scale re-seats the internal parts allowing the scale to find the correct “zero.” It is very simple to initialize your scale. Just follow the steps below.
    1. Place the scale on a hard even surface floor.
    2. With only your one foot, place just enough weight on the scale for the display shows zero. Once you see zeros on the display, immediately remove your foot.
    3. Now wait for the scale to turn off again
    4. Step up onto the scale again for a weight
    Make sure to place your scale on a hard, flat surface to get an accurate weighing. Placing you scale on a soft carpeted or uneven surface will not be able to provide an accurate weight readings.

  • Can I use the scale on a carpeted surface?

    Our scale is not designed and engineered to use on a carpeted or uneven surface. Make sure to place your scale on a hard, flat surface to get an accurate weighing.

  • Is it necessary to store the scale flat?

    We recommend you keeping the scale in the same position at all times, on a flat, hard surface. If you have to store it, the scale parts may shift causing you to have to initialize the scale during your weighing process.

  • Can I recalibrate the scale?

    All of our scales are pre-calibrated for accuracy at the factory. Some of our scale can be recalibrated. Please check the instruction manual for more details.

  • My scale’s display reads "EEEE", "OL", "ERRR , what does this mean?

    Anytime you see either one of these on your scale display, it means too much load has been placed on the platform.

  • I just weighed myself twice right away and the readings were really different. Is my scale defective?

    Weighing yourself twice right away is not a way to test the accuracy of your scale. The scale is calibrated for accuracy at the factory. The only definite way to check for accuracy in the home is using certified weights.

  • Why is the weight at home so different than at the doctor's office?

    A person's weight can vary widely throughout the day, and depends on such factors as meals, amount of water in the body, exercise, etc. Measure yourself at the same time of the day. Pick a time of the day to measure yourself when these variables are most likely to be similar. This will minimize the effect their inevitable fluctuations have on your body measurements. Make sure you Wear the same amount of clothing for every measurement. The less clothing you are wearing the easier it is to wear the same amount of clothing for every measurement.

  • Are these scales legal for trade?

    No, unfortunately all of our scales are not legal for trade.

  • Can I purchase any of Skallo products directly from your website?

    Yes you may order any of Skallo products directly from our website

  • How much is the shipping?

    We offer free shipping for all purchase at our website

  • What type of payment method do you accept?

    Currently we only accept PayPal as a method of payment